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Caublestone Collies offers show and companion collies. All companions are sold with limited registration with AKC (no puppies can be registered) and a spay/neuter contract. Those who participate in the sport of conformation showing, the puppy is sold as a "show prospect."  There is no guarantee that the puppy will complete its championship.



Time and effort is put into each litter: looking at pedigrees, choosing the sire & dam, prenatal care of the dam, stud dog care, whelping the litter, postnatal care, socialization starting at birth, medical care (eye exams with a canine ophthalmologist, worming, vaccines, microchips, etc.), and finally the evaluation of the puppies starting at 8 weeks through 12 weeks (looking at structure, movement, expression etc.). The whole process is long, but very important. This is why companions are sold on limited registration and a spay/neuter contract. I want to protect my breeding program, far too many collies ending up in rescue/humane shelters, and others being bred without consideration to color, genetics and the collie standard. This is my philosophy - I planned the specific breeding, and it is my responsibility to give the puppies the best possible life beginning with me and continuing on with the homes that they go to, whether show or companion.



As the puppies grow, I am continuously watching them, mentally evaluating them - a natural stance, movement can be seen, watching them out in the yard and seeing how they use themselves, etc. Between 8-9 weeks, I will have their eyes checked by a canine ophthalmologist.  The results will also play a part in choosing for myself. Also, at that time, I will begin to make my first evaluation as to which ones can go ahead and go to their new homes and those to keep and grow-out until around 12 weeks of age. Please note, this does not mean that if you get one of the first puppies that it is not a very nice puppy.  Be assured, the puppy is very nice.  I may not need that particular color, male/female, coat variety etc. I am looking for the ones that I will keep for myself to show or use in my breeding program. This is a process that takes much patience on my part and prospective homes.

The collies play a very big part in my life...and yes, it is hard work.  A financial stake is also involved for me and prospective homes. I find enjoyment, friendships and fellowship in showing my dogs. As a breeder, I want to always strive to do better in my breeding program and always learn as much as I can.

​I do not want to disappoint anyone in getting a collie puppy of their choice, whether by color, sex, or variety (rough or smooth). But first of all, I need to do what I think is best for Caublestone Collies. The next litter is always on my mind. So, be patient, if nothing is in this litter, maybe the next. Another thought for prospective homes is to be open to what you want and surprisingly there just may be that special collie puppy for you in that current litter.



If you are seriously interested in a Caublestone Collie that is well-bred to the collie standard, a nice representation of the breed, healthy, spay/neuter contract, well socialized, protected through the AKC Reunite Program (microchipped), AKC Registration paid and registered for you, and the price of $2000, please fill out the Collie Questionnaire.

     Our puppies have the following before going to their forever homes:


  • Certified Eye Exam ~ all puppies are examined between 8-9 weeks by a board certified canine ophthalmologist

  • Vaccinations ~ all puppies will be started on a series of puppy vaccinations to ensure their safety as they explore

  • AKC registration ~ all registrations are prepaid and will be registered for you once you have selected a name

  • Microchipped ~ all puppies will be microchipped and registered with AKC reunite program before leaving

  • Puppy Packet ~ includes all the documents you need for your vet & anything extra we feel is important

  • Socialization ~ our puppies have plenty of new experiences in their first 9 wks to encourage a well adjusted companion

  • Ear Training ~ if you are interested in having your puppy’s ears taped to ensure the correct tip of the ear we will start that process here and help you along the way as needed


I look forward to reading about you and your family, and hopefully you becoming a part of Caublestone Collies.

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