Last updated: May 8, 2018
He did great riding home. I think he laid down and slept most of the way. Saturday night he slept in his crate without a whimper. Same Sunday. I did get him some hard bones for chewing and he seemed to love those.  I am taking off this afternoon to take him to the vet.  His eye has looked good and is not tearing at all and seems to be doing fine, but I will have the vet look at it also

I just wanted you to know Troy did great yesterday at the vet. He weighs 67.5 pounds.  Michael Fromm said he was in great health and looked good. He didn’t see any problems in his eye, so no further treatment required at this point. He recommended the dew claw removal at the same time as the neutering.
He is adjusting to pet life more and more.  Carpet and air conditioning are wonderful in his new world.  Since it is much warmer outside now, I can hardly make him go outside until it cools down in the late afternoon.
One other thing I forgot to tell you about Troy – he loves to look at himself in the mirror.  He puts his front paws up on the vanity in the bathroom and talks to himself until I go make him get down.  He also catches his reflection in windows when he passes by and starts barking up a storm.   I think I’m going to have to get a full length mirror to put in the bathroom so he can get used to seeing himself. Too funny.

Troy is doing great.  He has learned to jump on my bed (he learned that on his own) and he has learned how comfy it is.  And if he stands on my bed, he can look into the bathroom and see himself in another mirror. Too funny. I always know when he has jumped up on the bed because he starts barking like something bad has happened. Of course, he is barking at his own good looking self.  I need to send you some pictures to show you how much darker his coat came in. Thankfully he does not shed near as much right now. He has just about come to an understanding on the nail grinder.  Of course, he and I have to learn to get it done in as quick a way as possible.  Since I’m not near as quick or good at it as you are, I think I am trying his patience.  He doesn’t like it, but stands there for it.  He is great at getting a bath.  He has gotten really good at playing fetch.  I throw a tennis ball and he will run forever with it.  He still LOVES air conditioning.  I have to make him go outside sometimes.  We walk every morning and late at night trying to avoid the heat.  We start obedience training July 5th.  If we make it thru that with flying colors, then we can start with therapy dog training in the fall.  I am so excited. 

Just wanted to let you know that Troy and I passed the CGC and TDI test yesterday.  He did so well!  Show ring training definitely paid off.  We got there at one in the afternoon but did not test until after two.  Once we passed the test, we had to wait around for the paperwork to be completed.  He never got testy although he did get tired.  Needless to say, we were all tired by the end of the day.  We got home, ate dinner and both crashed. 


I had to share a hilarious moment.  We finally made it to mom's house last Friday about 4:00. I had Troy's leash on him. As we came thru the back door, I unsnapped it and he went trotting into the house.

To his amazement, a miracle had occurred. Someone had placed a TREE in the house for his convenience. He walked right over to the Christmas tree, looked longingly and hard at the tree, and proceeded to lift his leg. I guess this equates to indoor plumbing for dogs.

(Thankfully I caught him before he got very far in the 'peeing' process. We all got a good laugh. )

I thought you might want to see what a real couch potato looks like.

Bonnie Burnham
Jackson, Mississippi