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Have you previously owned a collie?

Would you prefer a male or female?  Male   /   Female    /    Either

Variety: Rough  or Smooth?

First color choice?  Sable/White  /  Tri  /  Sable Merle  /  Blue Merle  /  No Preference  

Second color choice?  Sable/White  /  Tri  /  Sable Merle  /  Blue Merle  /  No Preference  

Would yu be interested in a finished champion or young adult?

Do you currently live with any other pets?  Yes (tell me about)   /   No

What (if any) activities are you interested in participating with your collie?

      Conformation    /   Obedience    /   Agility    /    Herding    /    Therapy    /    Junior Handling    /    Other (Explain)

Where will the collie be during the day if someone is not home?

Where will the collie be kept at night?

Do you have a secure fenced area available for the collie to exercise in?   If not , do you plan to have one installed?

If you do not have access to a fenced area and do not plan to have one installed, how do you plan to exercise and allow access to potty?

All companion collies will come with limited registation and we require the collie be spayed/neutered after a year of age. 
Will this be a problem?  (Note: After the spay/neuter, a copy of the veterinarian receipt is required for proof for our records.)

If you have purchased one of your other pets from a breeder, could you list them and could they be used as reference?

We feed Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages.  Are you willing to continue feeding this food or another quality food for your collie's health?

Please tell me about yourself and your family?

If there are any questions or information you would like to request, please let me know.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out Caublestone Collies Puppy Questionaire. 
We take great pride in each and every puppy, and this will help ensure we find the right puppy for your family. 
We strive to produce healthy quality collies and we want them to be a part of your family.

The questionaire will let me know more about you and what you want.  I look forward to getting to know you.