Last updated: July 6, 2017
Johnny & Melanie Flores - Sharpsburg, Georgia

Just want to update you on today's vet visit.
She had a great check up. Dr. Watson was
impressed with your puppy packet too. He did
recognize your vacination since you were so
thorough about everything. Everyone took turns
holding her. They were fighting over was
so funny. When Beth the Tech came in, she said I
don't know what her name is, but she looks like a Chyanne. It stuck. I was thinking of naming her something mystical. I wanted to incorporate Legend, Magic and Pebbles since they all took a part in her being. Do you know there is a legend about magic pebbles? Too funny. I couldn't find a name in the story that fit, but Chyanne does.She is SO beautiful!!! I can't believe she's ours!! All the kids get along too. I love it!!

We went back for booster shots & deworming today. She now weighs 8.8 pounds. She's a sassy little thing...I LOVE it!! She knows the word "No", but she makes you say it a second time to be sure. Then she tosses her head as if to say "AWW Mom" and then walks away. TOO CUTE!!! She gets along with the whole family, especially Presley. They played for an hour and then slept for an hour.

We LOVE our sweet Cheyenne. Everyone does!! She's
doing great and growing like a weed. She has everyone
at the Dog Park and the Vet in love with her. What a great
addition to our family. I'll never be able to thank you
enough for letting us share our home with her. I can't
believe she's already 5 months old. She has an
appointment on 10/26 to be spayed.

Cheyenne is doing SO good! She will: sit, come, stay &
give sugas (kisses) on command. I have never had such a
smart dog. She stands in her water bowl to drink (we're
getting buckets so she doesn't drink crud). Lots of times, she'll stand in her bowl splashing and watching the water. The other dogs just look at her like she's crazy. It's TOO cute. Her eyes are now the prettiest blue I've ever seen.

Kali is doing great!  She was a little shy the first day, very
mild mannered but that still didn’t keep her from playing
with the kids.  The first two nights she whimpered and
barked a lot but Monday night she started sleeping through
the whole night.  She feels a lot more confident now, jumping
in and out of the flower beds, sprinting back and forth, a
nd playing with the kids. 

She had a little trouble going up the stairs the first couple
of days but she figured it out, she has a harder time coming
down but she’s just about mastered it now.  She’s made it
very clear that she does not like Dallas heat! She’s definitely
an inside dog which is just what we wanted. She’s adjusting
to having a collar (she scratches with it on) and a leash. The
first few walks with the leash, she was all over the place but
tonight she walked straight and next to me the whole time!!
I was very proud of her. 

We’re working on the potty training.  Thanks to you, she was
already well advanced in that area.  It’s just part of the learning
curve.  We took her to the vet on Monday and she got a clean
bill of health.  The next visit will be for her rabies shots.  We’ll
also be getting her dog tags and micro-chipped soon.  You said
you were working on her ears…..what can I do to keep them

Well, I wanted to give you an update and to let you know how
very happy we all are about the newest member of our family. 
My son says it’s the best present he’s ever had, and my
daughter, the cat lover, says she’s glad she has a puppy
instead of a cat.  Kali watches and goes wherever they

We wanted to send you an updated picture of Kali and
to let you know she's a beautiful, wonderful, gentle,
loving dog.........couldn't have  found a better companion
for our family........

Anatole & Esther Voiinoff  and Kids
Frisco, Texas

We have had an exciting week with Sandi. I hadn't planned on changing her name, but I got over ruled. Before we even got home from the airport the kids renamed her Sadie.

Everyone who has seen her has oohed and aahed and said how beautiful she is. The vet said she was perfectly healthy. She is the right weight for her age and build, her teeth are good( no extras and none missing). He also commented an how beautiful she is. The first thing he did was check her eyes.He said they were fine and suggested we have her checked by an opthamologist. I told him that you had already had that done. Sadie's next appointment is September 6th for her 16 weeks shots.

She is high spirited and very playful. Jim and Jimmy love playing with her because she isn't intimidated at all. She is very vocal, if someone or the other dogs does something she doesn't like, she will tell them. She also likes to stand in the water bowl and splash the water out. That is funny to watch although it is a bit messy.

She has begun to try to chew on our fingers, so we say NO and redirect her by giving her a toy she can chew on. Since it's the chewing she's interested in and not the fingers this works well. As soon as we get some pictures I will send them to you. Thank You or a wonderful dog,

Jim & Susan Sawyer
Jimmy, Patricia and Melanie, Titusville, Florida
John & Vicki Bowles and Jonathan
Lexington, South Carolina