Last updated: July 6, 2017
Randy, Diane & Joshua Self
Macon, Georgia
Joshua withTroy
Leah is doing wonderfully.  She is such a beautiful dog with a sweet and funny personality.  She is a great family dog and we love her so much.  I cannot thank you enough for bringing her to us. 

Leah is now almost 24 inches and 58lbs.  She has the most beautiful markings.  We cannot go anywhere without being stopped by people admiring her beauty.  We get asked many questions.  We were recently stopped by a breeder and herding group judge.  She told me that Leah has a nice "rump."  She said she judges collies in the confirmation ring and knows the breed standard.  She really liked her and I thought I should pass it along to you.  And I thought collies were a "head" breed.  We think she is perfect head to toe.  I told you she is show material.

She is such a thoughtful dog.  She senses our mood and routine.  She is patient.  Now that the girls are back in school she has to wait for her evening walk.  She nudges me along but is able to wait until I can take her.  She is protective of the girls.  She does tend to herd them and guides them by using her body.  One day, Anastasia was running and jumping into a lake off a dock.  She barked at her and became upset.  I think she was afraid she would get hurt.  When Ana didn't stop Leah ran and jumped into the water to save her.  Head under.  You should have seen it--very funny.  Leah got more than she expected.  Nadia and Anastasia just love her.  My husband, who wasn't quite sure about getting a dog, is also smitten and admits it openly. 

I am amazed at her understanding of our language and emotions.  She is an all around great family dog.  She is smart and learns quickly.  She mostly works for praise and we are talking about possible therapy certification.  I think she would do well at agility too.  She is fast and can out run every dog in the neighborhood.  My neighbor has a Lab and they loves to play chase but he cannot catch her so he grabs her long tail.  Again, funny!!!  She makes us laugh.

Her ears are pretty much straight up.  Except when she comes running at you full speed to play.  Then she tucks them back close to her head.  Don likes when she does that.  She is really very calm for a puppy.  At first I thought it was because she wasn't feeling well, but I think it must just be the breed?  Or her personality?  She plays a lot but she knows when we need her to be calm. 

I am trying to give her a lot of exercise.  I lost 8 lb. myself.  We walk/run to the bus stop every morning (0.4 MI).  I walk her a mile or so at lunch.  The girls take her out to play after school.  When I get home I make Nadia and Ana get on their scooters and Leah and I run after them.  She is lean and building muscle.  

I think I will try to brace the ears but she looks pretty both ways.   At the vets, they all fell in love with her and wanted to take her home.  The vet told me she secretly always wanted a collie. 
Don Mulhern,
Mary Beth O'Hara,
Nadia & Ana
Nadia & Ana
with Leah

Princess Leah of Caublestone

Greg & Cordelia Savala - Marietta, Georgia
Jazz is now 10 months old and full of energy.  She just finished obedience training on September 13, 2004, and learned everything very quickly.  Even the trainer remarked on what a wonderful gait she has when she walks fast.

We take her to the dog park on the weekends and she loves to run and play with the other dogs.  When she sees a person she goes over to them

and scoots her fanny around for a pat.  She is a big talker and gets sassy when we try to tell her to do something she doesn't want to do. People stop to tell us how beautiful she is. We just love her and are so glad she is with us.
I just wanted to drop you a little note about Troy. I took him to veterinarian yesterday for his 12 week shot. Troy weighs 18 lbs. and is perfectly healthy; the doctor was very impressed with him and his demeanor. I think he is finally getting used to his new family as we are to him. Troy’s house training has been perfect, he has not potty in the house yet but I will tell you he is not crazy about riding in the car. He got sick on the way home from the veterinarian yesterday and we only had a 10 minute ride. Troy loves to run and play in the backyard and is beginning to understand what the word “no” means.