Last updated: July 22, 2017
Trent & Janette Reed
Louisburg, Kansas

I had my first night training Thursday night! Remember how I was doing the runaways where the "victim" would run away from me acting like a funny crazy person while calling me and then plop down in the tall grass and I had to find them? Well we did a new thing this time. It's called a refind. The victim hid ahead of time. I didn't see where she hid, and she didn't call me or make any kind of noise. Then Mom and Miss Annette took me down in the tall grass and told me it was time to work and told me to go find. It was dark by the way - my first night search. So then I went and found the victim! Then Mom called me back to her and she said "show me" and I went back to the victim and showed Mom where she was! They praised me and threw my toy but I didn't care too much about it. They said I was food-oriented that day because I was nosing Heather's (the victim) hand like I was looking for food. (Last time we trained they thought I was toy-oriented.)

The second time, I did the very same thing but I automatically came back to Mom and she said "show me" and I took her to the victim!

It was about 45 degrees and we were in ankle- to knee-high grass. Scent travels up at night so me and Mom started low and worked up the hill. It was about 6:30 pm.

Miss Heather and Miss Annette said I did really great and they said I might even be ready to take my first Area Search test in April! Isn't that exciting?! Mom can't believe they think I'm already ready!

Mom says we're really going to have to work hard on leash training, though because I have to pass the CGC first. Also I do sit down stay and all that fine at home but she doesn't know if I'll do them with distractions so we're going to have to concentrate real hard to get all that down if I expect to pass.

But I have the best nose in the world, Mom says!

Well I thought you might like to know about my first night search and refind. I had so much fun running and bouncing in the grass and sniffing and smelling and playing with the people. Oh, and I got to play with Shiela, the GSD. We had a great time. I got to chase her and we played go get the frisbee and I got to pee on everything! Yippee!!!
Joey is doing great! He's already started his search and rescue training. The people on the SAR team say he's very smart, and he's taken to it readily. We're all quite impressed!
Joey graduated from his first obedience class! He got a graduation hat (squeaky toy) and a certificate. He wouldn't hold still for his photo; he kept trying to eat the hat! Joey is nine and a half months old and weighs 51 pounds now.


Kansas Search & Rescue
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Joey's friends (Jed, below)
Me and Mom did the helicopter loading yesterday! It was a helicopter medical team that gave us the training. First they talked to us about helicopter safety. Then they let us dogs load on and off with the copter quiet. Then they turned it on and let us load on and off with it "hot"! Then they took the peoples for a ride (two at a time) around the block. One doggie got to ride in the copter - Solo. He is like the most experienced doggie that was there. He's certified in almost everything and has found real lost people before. There were four labs and two border collies there besides me. Mom got to where her uniform for the first time!

Everyone said I did very good with the helicopter training. I was the only dog who didn't jump in by himself. I got to where I'd put my paws up on the skids, but I couldn't figure out how to get in. There was a huge chasm between the skids and the actual copter and I didn't think I could make it. I wanted to get in and tried real hard, but I just couldn't figure it out. They lifted me in it though so I got to see what that's like. When they turned it on later, the noise and wind didn't bother me much at all. I was a little nervous, but they'd also put me in there three times by then. I did jump out all by myself.

Mom says I need more agilitee training and it would help me with stuff like that. I hope I get to do agilitee real soon - that would be fun. I was the youngest and least experienced dog there, so everyone said I did great for a newbie. I think all the dogs that were there are already searchy certified.

There will be pictures on our web site, and a reporter did a story on us that will be published Monday. The lady didn't know if it would be on their web site or not but I'll send you the link if it is.

We are finally having some search training tonight! We have to go all the way to Lawrence, Kansas for it -- but that's actually not terribly far. My best friend Dave is holding the training. He's the founder of the search and rescue group.

Well I'd better go. I thought you would like to hear about the helicopter.