Last updated: July 22, 2017
Chuck & Lee Costanzo
Montgomery, Alabama
We decided not to brace her ears. Since she's not a show dog we didn't think it made much of a difference - at least to us.  She's still cute as a button, however, and they do flop over when she's contemplating a bit of trouble to get in to. Also, no one has had a problem identifying her as a collie but the "smooth collie" has caused quite a lot of questions.  They're not very common but people are surely interested in them.
Just wanted to let you know that Gracie is doing great!  We adore her!  She's very funny and we've had a lot of people stop us and as where she came from.  We always tell them about you and your wonderful dogs.

If you get a chance sometime, stop by and visit her.  I know you'll be pleased with her progress. She's tripled her weight (while still keeping her girlish figure) since she's arrived. The vet is very pleased with her growth and temperment - as are we all.
Gracie and her friend, Sophie.
What's black, white and cute all over?
Gracie and her panda
Since this is her birthday, Gracie (a.k.a. Ears) decided there were no rules - including the one about staying off the beds.  Oh well, it is her birthday so she can stay.  Her punishment, however, was letting me put that silly hat on her head.  All actions have consequences.

                          We love you!!!!!

Early one morning, I found these two
on the floor splitting hares about who had the longest ears.  You decide.