Last updated: July 22, 2017
Barry & Lisa Bridges
Birmingham, Alabama
I have got to write and tell you what a perfect puppy you have raised for me. SERIOUSLY!! Cory has been so good. First he is totally house broken, which was a miracle in itself. And his social skills are great. He has meet all kinds of people and other dogs and has had perfect manners. He even wanted to play with two huge German Shepard at the Vets office. Too funny, he has no fear ar all. The Vet said he was in perfect health and of course, the most handsome dog she had ever seen!!

He has already got the leash walking down and and is doing really well on the stairs. (he thinks he is ssssooo coolwhen he gets up and down them) Anyway, I could go on and on, but it really is amazing how smart he is.

The love you gave him in advance has made this a very smooth transition and he has an immediate happy home
because there really was no adjustment period at all!

Dont ever hesitate to use me as a reference for you other puppies. I will be your #1 fan!

Cory being silly as he sleeps! He is definitly a boy!  Shelby never slept so un-lady like!
Cory and the new kitten next door
Happy 4th of July!!

I wanted to tell you how great this first week with Cory has been. He is sooooo much fun and super good. He has perfect potty manners, not one accident! The cat and Cory get along fine. He also has mastered the stairs now, and we have walked him  two nights now a 1/2 mile each time in the neighborhood. He has meet people and has been sweet and not jumped at all.

He is perfect at "sit" and slowly learning "No" but seems to be getting better every time. Mainly because we dont say it much! He really only plays with his toys and if he touches something else, he stops as soon as we distract with a toy. We even leave our shoes out so he can learn. I am really stunned at how good he is.

For a puppy to be so smart and focused, I wonder if we should try agility? Barry is working on Frisbee throwing, Cory is not quite ready there! Maybe in a few months he will be big enough.

Sorry for the rambling but my point is we are very happy and so is Cory. Thanks again for a GREAT DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry & Lisa with their cats and Shelby, who was 12 years old. The picture was taken just months before they lost her.
This is by far the CUTEST pic of Cory Noble. He is starting to look more like a collie every day. He was 30 pounds a week ago, my guess is he is even bigger now............and more handsome!!

Cory got new luggage for his trip to Pine Mountain!!  He just loves it!

It even has his NAME on it! 
Trip to
Pine Mountain
Cory's Finds a Kitten
Cory and his
new friend, Belle.

Cory takes out his revenge on the vet after know what!
Sure didn't feel good.
Click the Star and see Cory going crazy!